Updated: 03/15/2010 12:34
Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor administration has announced changes in their payment schedule. In terms of pending payouts for the last couple of days we are not likely to treat it as a positive change:

Since March 13th CSMFinance switches to five-day interest payments (Monday-Friday). Changes are not applied to investment period and it will keep containing 200 calendar days in spite of interest payments will be done five days a week. This decision doesnt mean we have some losses in trading or problems in business. As everyone knows, we have dozens of competitors thats why our marketing director offered an idea to provide investors with Monday-Sunday interest payments until we have at least 10000 active members. The funds we save on switching to five-day interest payments will be forwarded to exploration of new investment opportunities. Most likely we will present the new investment plan within a month. It really gave us dynamical growth of popularity on the market. Withdrawals will be instant as before.

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