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It may sound selfconfidently and unrealistic though it is too soon to state that GeniusFunds ( ) is scam. The point is that the...

It may sound self-confidently and unrealistic though it is too soon to state that GeniusFunds ( is scam. The point is that the statement of system maintenance released some weeks earlier hasn't been yet proved to be false. If the statement (GENIUS FUNDS ON PAYMENT DELAYS) is true and the GeniusFunds program is still performing system maintenance, there is a good chance they would come back. Our readers are puzzled since nothing speaks for improving of the situation. Many face the problems with accessing the site, and that makes the program even less popular. Anyway, here is what we get in this connection:

I was paid on monday bt counld nt open d site 2day

I joined Genius Funds since 1 year, last 2 weeks on 26th feb.2010 I was receive commission from my referral when he purchase new shares, but next day when I want withdraw the commission some one spy my account and transfer my commission to his wire transfer and when i send this report to live chat to inform them about this issue, they said this transaction was incorrect and we well fixed this problem soon.

Genius Funds 100% scam in Sri Lanka.

Genius Funds has stopped access to their web site,re:(bad gateway)!(Date;14/03/2010)
So cannot do any transactions at my Genius Funds account porthole!
It looks very ominous to me that they(Genius Funds) are in melt down!(I hope I am wrong about that!)

Genius is now where to be found since yesterday(15/03/2010. can somebody tell me what is going on with them

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