Updated: 03/18/2010 06:12
Hyip Monitor administration sent an update giving report on the situation with the refunds that they promised to those members who are not in... administration sent an update giving report on the situation with the refunds that they promised to those members who are not in profit:

1. The link that was specified in the previous newsletter to access the Ticket System for Refunds was incorrect. The correct link is¦.
Be sure to include all the characters
2. If you have not cut and paste a fully completed Application for Refund, one will be provided to you when you receive an automated (system generated) response to your initial opening request. If you have already completed, by means of Cut & Paste, a Refund Request Form, please edit out the form contained within the ticket.
Included in this response which is forwarded to your email will be your new ticket number. This ticket number stays with you throughout the duration of your claim.
3. Be clear with all your responses. The clearer you are the faster this will go.
4. These refunds have to be confirmed, verified and then approved. This is a tedious, brain-draining process so please have some patience.
5. The first several hundred (somewhere between seven hundred and eight hundred) refund requests, due to a programming glitch, did not send, in the automated response, your ticket number. Do not be concerned, we received it, and a number was assigned to it¦.Please do not send a follow up ticket asking what your ticket number is. If you need to add additional supporting information, go to the forum and send a PM to GNIChyk who will ask your name and other confidential information you supplied in the refund application. She will then give you your ticket number.
6. If you do not understand some aspect of the process, go to the forum where it is discussed in detail FIRST. If the issue you ask is easily and readily available on the forum and it is clear you have not attempted to find this information out for yourself¦.there will be no choice but to return your ticket¦.This is out of consideration for your fellow member. If its not clear or if several members seem to be having a similar issue, a mini-newsletter will be forwarded to the community, such as this.

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