Updated: 03/18/2010 18:26
Hyip Monitor is one more program that has introduced a new plan recently. Here are the details for all those who are interested to take a look and possibly try:

The management of BioEnergyFunds have decided to put an end to the Two weeks short term Investors plan. All members with actives shares on this plan will be paid as their two weeks shares expires but further investment on the two weeks plan is no longer available.
Rather, we now have a new Monthly investors plan that pays 7.5% weekly dividends for 4 weeks and at the expiration of this plan, you get back 100% of your principal. This plan pays a total 30% net profit on your Shares.
BioEnergyFunds have created the perfect opportunity for you.
All you’ve got to do to earn is to purchase some active green shares.
The more Green Shares you own, the more dividends you will be able earn weekly. You can start today with one active share that cost just $20.00 and continue to earn your steady weekly dividends.
You May Click The link below and purchase more active Green Shares.

Abby C. Anderson,

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