Updated: 03/19/2010 22:41
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CSM Finance Group Ltd. , quite a controversial project with big ambitions, has On Hold status for almost 5 days. Administration hasn't solved the...

CSM Finance Group Ltd., quite a controversial project with big ambitions, has On Hold status for almost 5 days. Administration hasn't solved the problems with payments which occurred as a result of system overloads. Yet according the admin these problems are being actively solved. CSM Planet is a free software, designed to work with the accounts opened with csmfinance.com, as well as for some other options. Yesterday appeared a statement saying this software would solve the problems. Yet today we've got the following message from one of our readers:

how erase software from csmfinance.com because my antivirus doesn't work..? i install sofware from csmfinance call planet.exe...but my LR seem hacked...

Surely if it's true the conclusion is clear. Scam! Furthermore, not just a scam, but fraudster, stealing money from the accounts of its own clients! Though this information is not wide-scale yet, hence it is not confirmed. Maybe it is just a coincidence. Still I find it strange to release a software for working with a site as a method of solution to problems with payment defaults! First you should deal with NOT PAYING status rather than simplifying the work with empty accounts!

Recall that software for working with HYIP is quite a rare practice and it was recently used only by FXstar. Surely it is very convenient and useful functional addition though requiring responsibility on the part of its creators. CSM finance has vividly showed it.

P.S. To erase a software you should delete all the related records in the register of your operating system. At the moment we have reached the administration of CSM Finance to find out more about it.


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