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After the closing of tycoons many online investors wanted something fresh. I think Affulent Market program is the very thing. Anyway it is one of few...

After the closing of tycoons many online investors wanted something fresh. I think Affulent Market program is the very thing. Anyway it is one of few programs looking nice, fresh and neat. I think this is exactly what all need now. Anyway it is definitely worth your attention.

As you can see the site is actually very neat. It is stylish and respectable. There are no extra details such as stolen pictures and so on. No frills. Only some text, some colours restful to the eyes and nothing more. Brief description of conditions, news and benefits - this is all you need for success. How long this success will last is hard to say. Yet Affulent Market is most likely not a short-term HYIP. It can be seen by the administrator’s treatment of the project. It is being traversed in details and diligently promoted. The news is always recent. The project has every chance to work successfully for a long time.

Even though Affulent Market uses an engine which is not widely used, it is perfectly adapted. They even have SSL connection. Their certificate is verifiable without any problems or suspicions. So let us look at the main thing – the offer.

This project offers two plans. The first one covers daily payments. The second one covers weekly payments. Depending on the sum you get higher interest. Thus in daily plan (called Forex Daily Plan) you get 1.2% with a deposit from $10 to $1000, 1.5% with a deposit up to $10 000, and 2% with a deposit up to $100 000
Weekly plan, called Emerging Market Weekly Plan, has the same profitability division depending on the sum ($10 - $1000 / $1001 - $10000 / $10000 - $100000) and correspondingly the profit ratio: 9.1%, 11.2% or 14.7%.

The terms of the plans are: Forex Daily Plan - 180 days, Emerging Market Weekly Plan - 26 weeks. Despite the fact that the profit on the first plan is made by trading on FOREX, the interests are paid daily. Thus if your deposit is $10 weekly plan is more profitable. Still everything depends on your personal priorities. The deposits are currently accepted only through LibertyReserve, though AlertPay, StrictPay and SolidTrustPay are going to be added to the list of payment processors in the nearest future.

Among the Affulent Market undeniable advantages against other programs are two popular HYIP implementations which are not yet cosmopolitan. The first one is telephone support (it is available and working). The second one is SMS verification. Every time you request a withdrawal or have some problems with access, you verify yourself with the help of your phone. Thus your money is secured.

All that makes Affulent Market worth considering and that is what we recommend you to do.

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