Updated: 03/27/2010 10:37
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ForexNetClub program, moving confidently towards the top of HYIPOlympus, keeps pleasing its investors. At the beginning of spring they decided to...

ForexNetClub program, moving confidently towards the top of HYIP-Olympus, keeps pleasing its investors. At the beginning of spring they decided to give a surprise. First - it's an addition of bank wire deposit. Then - addition of some security standards which involves SMS login and IP masks. Let's begin with wire transfer: Part of our first springtime reforming of ForexNetClub Ltd. is adding of a bank wire deposits. There are some big investors who don't like e-currencies or maybe they like the old style of depositing - a bank transfer. There will be no fees, excepting the bank ones! The fees for bank wires will be deducted from us, you will have to pay just the fees for your bank. Also, as this is a payment option for big investors, the minimum deposit amount is set at $1,000. We hope you will enjoy this new option that we've enabled for you, our strongest and long-lasting partners!

And now on security innovations: Furthermore, there is a payment system who lured us due to its high security system which involves SMS login, IP masks and lots of other things. Also, Perfect Money has its own deposit options, without any other intermediaries. We thought that this is good for our user's economies. You will not be charged by them if you wish to deposit not a single cent. Also, the 0.5% transaction fee is more than remunerating for all of us. There are many users who requested that we enable this payment option, so, we did what our clients wanted us to do! This is the strongest policy a company could have in order to gain respect, trust and belief from the normal investors. We wish you all rejuvenating energies and let the money bring you satisfaction and security of tomorrow!

Recall that ForexNetClub is a promising and confident project, which appeared a month ago and deserves close attention of investors. Yesterday you could read their interview (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ForexNetClub), and soon we'll publish a review. Stay in touch.

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