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As we have mentioned earlier new fresh programs are in great demand now. ForexNetClub is surely new and fresh. They are respectable, confident and looking to the future and they will succeed old remarkable programs which have been recently closed. Yes, the old programs are gone for good. And our money is gone for good. But you can profit with new projects. And ForexNetClub is one of them. Lets take a closer look at them.

First lets see the name. Although the projects domain name is and they are officially called ForexNetClub, the company will most probably be called FNC. Actually this very abbreviation is stated in the companys logo on the site. So, FNC.

The projects investment offer is pretty original. Many find these plans a bit strange, but I think there is something in it. Well, there are three plans; each of them includes payment of profit and sum of initial deposit, at the end of lock period. Namely you get the interest including you own 100%.

The first plan offers 109% in 2 weeks, with the second plan you will get 128% in 4 weeks, and the third plan offers 191% in 8 weeks. Looks a bit catchy, but in fact its easy. The periods between payouts include calendar days only, without any weekends or leaves. Thus with the first plan you will get your return in 14 days, with second plan “ in 28 days, and 191% in 56 calendar days if you invest in the third plan. Naturally such favorable terms impose certain limitations. Minimum deposit in FNC is $50, maximum amount depends upon the plan. 109% plan accepts maximum $2000, 128% plan is limited to $5000, and 191% plan accepts no more than $10000.

I think everything is pretty clear. As easy as a pie. With this modest number of plans all this stuff with site design, support service etc. seem needless. Yet in practice the more energy involved in the site appearance the longer the program exists and brings profit to numerous investors. Therefore these three plans look like three pearls against the background of ForexNetClub approach. And they truly are.

It will be observed that you will get access to your funds only after the expiry of the deposit. Still you can take your money back before the expiry date. That will cost you only 10% of fee! Actually this is a great feature of this project. Surrender option as such is a rarity in HYIP field. But 10% - is a considerable benefit. If Im not mistaken a surrender option ALWAYS cost at least 50%. So, ForexNetClub breaks through. Taking into account that the longest plan of this program lasts for only 56 days, this can be considered as a serious advance.

Sure they have compounding option as well. It allows your money working constantly. The only thing you will need to do is withdrawing net profit. In actual fact compounding option here is an option of automatic re-deposit.

8% referrals “ is another considerable benefit of the project. Its quite a rarity nowadays. This is a favorable offer for those who will be sustaining growth of the program. Popularity among monitorings and active investors helps gaining ground.

Their support service is amazing. Four different e-mail accounts, two phone numbers, feedback service, Live chat (practically always available) and even postal address! Furthermore, support service agents speak several languages (English, Spanish, French & Russian). This is really amazing about FNC. Their support service is definitely worthy of great praise and 100 points out of 100.

The programs script is a highly modified GoldCoders. According to specialists even GC creators would hardly recognize their creation in FNC script. Hosting by Blockdos, and its top-level. They have DDoS protection and dedicated server. ForexNetClub decided to think big in this respect.

Recently, on the 22nd of March, 2010 (at the time of preparing this review) we become aware that FNC added PerfectMoney and BankWire to its payment processors. I think this is a considerable addition, especially as they had only LibertyReserve, the king of HYIP payment processors, before. Clearly it wasnt good enough. And now we have three options to choose from. To be honest it would be great for such a serious program to have a couple more payment options. Though three is fairly good.

To sum up we can only hope all our expectations will not come to nothing. Administrators of HYIPs often deceive our expectations. Yet these are the conditions of this market “ high risk generates uncertainty. On other hand, it generates very large income, so we cannot but place the right bets. We think FNC is definitely the right one. Still its up to you to decide.

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