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Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor administration is going to celebrate an anniversary soon. In addition to this news they've added some useful information concerning the... administration is going to celebrate an anniversary soon. In addition to this news they've added some useful information concerning the technical upates within the program:

Next Monday will see NasMos celebrate one year in business so Happy Birthday to us! As a slightly early celebration we will now be running a referral contest and I hope as many of you as possible will participate and try to win one of the many prizes we have to offer you. I hope you agree that they are generous and well worth competing for:
1st Winner will win : $ 300, 2nd Winner will win : $ 200, 3rd Winner will win : $ 100, 4th Winner will win : $ 50, 5th Winner will win : $ 50 (Monitoring Sites Not Included).
We have also been added to The GoldPoll Hot List which is another reason to celebrate I think. The contest will run from today March 26 and will finish on April 3. Good luck to all of you!
And now for some updates:
Withdrawals as you should all have realised by now are instant. However this is not without its share of problems as well and occasionally you may have seen your go to the Pending List. There is nothing to get alarmed about as the situation is always corrected very quickly. What happens is that the withdrawal account (eventually) gets emptied and you need to wait for us to replenish it. This usually takes no more than 10 hours so what you need to do is cancel your pending payout and request it again.
Another possible reason for this happening is that you have not correctly set up your LibertyReserve, StrictPay, or PerfectMoney accounts. If this is the case then send us your account details and we will send it to you like that. For LR and PM your account should be the number that’s preceeded by the letter U. For SP it will be a 5 digit number.
Once your payment has been completed it would be a huge help to us if you post proof of your withdrawal in the major forums and monitoring websites. Please don’t forget this as it will be very beneficial to us all in the long run and help us to manage NasMos better in the future.
And finally for those of you interested in the statistics I’m delighted to tell you that NasMos continues to grow all the time. Sometimes we have welcomed as many as 200 new members in a single day. We now have +25000 members with a combined deposit of $5,426,012.53 To date we have paid out a total of $3,889,225.96
So try your luck in the referral contest and who knows? You may be one of the winners!

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