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FxTraders Bank is a bluff. I haven´t received my money however i requested it for 5times. This one was my first unsuccessful experience. As you...

FxTraders Bank is a bluff. I havenĀ“t received my money however i requested it for 5times.
This one was my first unsuccessful experience.

As you know not every first experience is successful. If we talk about online investing very few get their profit on the first try. Many boggle their first attempt. And this concerns the author of the above letter. He got his first unsuccessful experience with FxTraders. It's a small wonder. The program had been having problems for a long time showing the signs of decline. Rumors about their closing down appeared long before the actual closing, so everybody were prepared for it. It wasn't difficult to make a mistake with a program like FxTraders. They were pretty popular, the site looked respectable. Yet unfortunately they don't pay.

Many investors leave the market after their first failure. They have initially negative experience of online investments. And their opinion can hardly be changed since the second and third try can also be unsuccessful. More than 90% of investors lose their money at the beginning. This number decreases after six months of work; half of experienced investors fail. 85% of all successful investors have a wide experience. That means those who invest regularly have their own strategy and make an informed choice. If you really want to start making money online, you shouldn't stop since it's time to start learning. Learning to lose including.

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