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Dear readers of HYIPNews.com, today weve got another weekly newsletter from hytfund.com . As you know High Yield Trading Fund offers 3 plans with...

Dear readers of HYIPNews.com, today weve got another weekly newsletter from hytfund.com. As you know High Yield Trading Fund offers 3 plans with daily profit starting from 1.7% to 2.5% with minimum deposit sum of $15 and maximum “ unlimited.

This time administration of Hytfund.com in the name of Aisa Wong would like to share with us some of their recent innovations and trading results:

First off I would like to answer several recurring from our members:

1. Do you after all plan to have Alertpay, Standartpay and so on?
Yes, we do. Delays in the activation of new payment systems are due to our concern with their stability and safety for our investors. At the moment we started verification process with Alertpay, so we're going to have it pretty soon.

2. Can I shift my compounding investment profits to the next plan?

We are asked this question quite often. We think that it would make things to complicated, we prefer to keep things simple, so we do not offer automatic plans shift.

3. How are the wire transfers processed?
Please note that the minimum wire transfer payout is $1000, otherwise the fees would eat away too big a chunk of the transfer amount. We process bank wire transfer payouts once a week on Monday. Your incoming payments are credited to your account as soon as we see them in our bank account.

4. Can I have some special investment terms?
We are always open to all your requests and propositions and are willing to offer custom investment plans. Please note that custom terms and conditions can be worked our either you are a large investor (above $50,000), or you our regional representative. We value our regional representatives a lot, so it is always a good idea to become one.

Now several words should be written about our trading. At the moment our programmers finish testing our forex signals system which is in beta now. Next week we'll increase the number of signals. All signals will be long and mid term, tailored at non-professional day traders. We have to select the least risky signals for our members safe trading.

So stay tuned for new exciting developments! And let's make money together. Aisa Wong,



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