Updated: 04/12/2010 12:20
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The statement about normal functioning mode of ptvpartner was a little exaggerated. Now a lot of members have their accounts deleted

It looks like statement about normal funcitoning mode of was a little exaggerated. Now a lot of members have their accounts deleted for unknown reason. Administration has sent a long update but we are not at all sure that this explanation will satisfy all program members:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience during the last week where many accounts were affected by our database corruption, and the subsequent measures we had to take to restore all data. Our staff has been working around the clock to get things back on keel.
We have deleted all current tickets because as we are finding the majority relate to 4 things:
1. Changing of Payment Processor details (now user-changeable again):
During the work there was an inability to change payment processor details without admin intervention. We found so many members trying to change their payment processor details to one they have not deposited from. You MUST request withdrawal to the payment processor you made your deposits from. We have re-enabled the ability for members to change their payment processor account details back to the one they deposited from. It is against our Terms and Conditions to request to the wrong payment processor. Accounts will be flagged that break this rule.
2. The lateness in investment plans expiring:
This is still a current problem, although the techs are trying to rectify it. The problem is when the date is changed manually, it introduces other errors into the database due to linking of the various tables there. At present, affected investments are expiring approximately 5 days later than shown in your back office. We hope that we can come up with a solution, but have not been able to do so yet. New investments made after the database corruption problem was fixed, will expire on time.
3. Extra payments received in your Payment Processor:
To expedite payments quickly for all withdrawal requests, we sent the amounts showing as withdrawal requests to members payment processors. These included some doubled ones and ones that were paid before April 2nd. We are asking members to send back extra payments to the same PTV account they were paid from. Please send back the extra payment with OVERPAYMENT and your PTxxxxxxx number in the memo. There is no need to send a support ticket. Those members who do not send the overpayment back will also be flagged. It has not been decided what will be done with those accounts, but we can assure you it is in your best interests to return overpayments.
If you still have double payments, doubled reinvestments and the like showing in your account, please send a ticket with the Subject Line DOUBLED FUNDS. They will be sent to the admin for correction.

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