Updated: 04/13/2010 16:33
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Today has received another weekly newsletter from Sealf orex . The company's admin is seriously disturbed with the situation which has...

Today has received another weekly newsletter from Sealforex. The company's admin is seriously disturbed with the situation which has recently appeared on the site. Apparently a lot of Sealforex investors fail to fill in the data on payment system correctly causing a lot of discomfort and troubles. We quote the message in full so you could get the info at first hand:

Dear partners. We asked you several times to fill in the data on your payment system correctly but still not all of you did us a favor. We would like to direct your attention to the fact that such situation causes a delay in paying out your profit for an indefinite term till the operator checks the history of all payments received on account. Those ones who cannot change their data, please, send your account data to the projects address. Let us also recall that according to the regulations of our project accounts connected by referral links of one user cant be used. We want to offer to those investors who have two accounts to inform the administration about this voluntarily and we will change your data and remove the referral relation. Otherwise we will do it ourselves by imposing a fine on the user at the amount of incurred interest. You are strongly requested not to ignore this ask in order to eliminate further misunderstanding and disaffection.

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