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Hyip Monitor
BE CAREFUL. This program is having problems since 04.20.2010. is a young and a promising program

BE CAREFUL. This program is having problems since 04.20.2010. is a young and a promising program, which is really pleasant in terms of so many vacant places left after crash of market giants. It does not mean that the program is expected to be something more serious than a standard HYIP program by its nature, but it looks like it has a good chance to become something interesting for those who are interested in investment offers lasting for more than just a couple of weeks.

What makes a pleasant impression first is the program website, which demonstrates a serious approach and administrators care. The site structure and functionality was well-thought to provide as much information as possible and let visitors have everything at hand. Administration paid much attention to provide even basic information on making a deposit into the program, which would be useful for newbies who need clear instructions on how the things should be made. From the homepage you can easily access all key information and in this case interested investor wont need to dig the whole site to find out the expected return on investment.

The program states that they were founded in 1986, which seems quite doubtful, but as soon as a good legend is a part of the game, it is good as it is. The site of the program also informs that the program is registered in Grand Cayman, which, however, does not give any information on physical address of the company office, if someone is interested to know where it is located. They also briefly describe their investment area, their structure, their goals and their risk management, so those who are interested can access the information.

In regards to the investment offers of the program, there is a pleasant variety, which would most probably satisfy a wide range of investors goals and preferences. They have two plans one of them would bring you profit after the end of the investment period and the other one gives daily return. Let us look at both of them in detail. Plan A is set to minimal investment of $5 and offers you 200% including your initial deposit after 30 days investment period. Sound quite simple. The second one is complicated and has 4 levels, bringing different ROI depending upon investment amount. Level 1 has $10-250 investment limits and gives 2.0% Daily Interest, completing in the end of 280% return with principal included. Level 2 is $251-2000, with 2.2% Daily Interest, which will result in 298% return with principal included. Level 3 is $2001-5000, 2.8% Daily Interest and total return of 352% including principal. Level 4 is $5001-30000 with 3.5% Daily Interest and bringing in total 415% with principal included. For all levels of Plan B compounding option is available.

What we could recommend to the program administration is to add more payment processors. Now they work with Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. As soon as these are the most popular payment processors, there would be no problems with majority of investors, but a wider choice would be a good option. For contacts you can use the contact form on the program site or try to call them using the phone numbers given in the contact area. Rating page gives a broad perspective on program status in a large amount of monitors, which seems a good sign.

Generally, the program makes a positive impression and would obviously become an interesting investment opportunity for interested investors.

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