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In its latest newsletter to CherryShares informs about a new more powerful server the program has moved to, a new improved DDoS...

In its latest newsletter to CherryShares informs about a new more powerful server the program has moved to, a new improved DDoS protections they now have, their website which has been translated into German and French languages, and a lot of other pleasant things. You are welcomed to read the text at first hand:

Your journey with CherryShares is getting more and more exciting. You are sailing safe in the boat of prosperity and wealth, when so many we-will-stay-here-for-ever sites that pretend to have found out the secret to financial independence, crush. We never shouted that we are the best, we never tried to impress you with incredible features, just to make you deposit. We are honest, trustworthy and devoted towards the principles of our business. The improvements that we made and we are making are essentially done for client`s comfort, safety and success. Our team and our employees are profitable, they were since the start of CherryShares. But, we can not say this for our clients. This has become our first grade objective - to make you feel like our colleague, partner, associate, and why not - boss.

Therefore, we are glad to announce that we have moved to a more powerful server, so that your funds and personal information could be stored and protected wiser than they were before. This new server protects us from all type of attacks, ranging from little hackers to armies of Cyber-brains. Also, we have improved our DDoS protections, thanks to our great guys from the coding team. Data integrity and server availability is now 24/7. We want to say a big "Thank you!" to our "code-guys", the php minds who have set things simply gorgeous!

Besides the technical aspect, we want to announce that our website is entirely translated into German and French languages. We noticed that many users that we have come from these countries and we thought it is right for us to treat them according to their interest. We won`t stop here, however, and more languages will come soon! Also, we want to let you know that we have 1 year online and our client`s database is growing at "mushroom-after-rain" level! We can`t describe in words how thankful we are for this, so we took action on 1 February and increased the weekly income that our users can get!
We are very glad to see that new people register everyday and that they give their money for us to multiply them. This is a diffcult and responsible mission that we promised to accomplish. Stay with CherryShares and enjoy life at its full!

Sincerely yours,
Dane W. Wolf
Managing Director

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