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Ptvpartner unfortunately remains in the group of unstable programs, which is not surprising at all, because recent issues must have made investors...

Ptvpartner unfortunately remains in the group of unstable programs, which is not surprising at all, because recent issues must have made investors withdraw their funds in large amounts. Administration is trying to convince investors that the program is still afloat:

Recently I sent out an email titled The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Well, in some ways thats what were still looking at. First, wed like to thank those of you that have stood by us. We know there are many who are being patient and understanding. Its not been an easy road for any of us.

Now, down to business, the funds for the ecurrencies are coming. They will not all arrive at the same time as they are taking various routes to get here. As they arrive withdrawal requests ARE being paid. In order to accommodate the most members we are paying the smallest withdraws first. I know we said that we would pay in order of request. But many of the smaller requests are of more necessity than those requesting larger amounts. Dont worry, we will get all requests completed. Because of the various methods we are using to bring in funds we are anticipating having withdrawals up to normal timeframe by the weekend or at the latest by Monday.
We are working on the maturities. Once again we are anticipating this to be corrected by the weekend as well so bear with us. Of course, the new plans are not affected.

Thing are progressing now of integrating the Bankwire registration page. Because of all the variety of things being worked on, the ability to deposit and withdraw via Bankwire will take until next week. We also will allow withdraw request via Bankwire next week as well, even if your deposits were made via Ecurrency.
Accounting will kick into high gear tomorrow with the additional staff being put into place to work on the accounts.
Understand, we are still going through the suspended accounts. Those that will be unsuspended will be completed by the beginning of next week as well. Please do NOT send any more support tickets on this issue. Once we make a decision you will either access your account or you wont.

We have been overwhelmed by tickets and have found most of them have been answered in our mailouts. Please confine help tickets to personal account problems. We are deleting the backlog of about 600 tickets because there is no way to answer them all. These are the main subjects of tickets and answers so you know the current situation.
There appears to be a problem with the SP API sending the deposit info back to your PTV account. Please send a ticket with the subject line FUNDS MISSING. Please include all details from your SP or PM back office.
At the moment the situation is that all investments will mature later than is showing in your back office.
This is due to a server time problem that the techs are working on now. Expect approximately 5-6 days to be added to existing maturity dates. This will not affect new investment maturity timing. Please be patient. PLEASE DO NOT SEND TICKETS ABOUT THIS !!!

If you have received a payment in excess of what you are entitled to, please send it back to the originating PTV account with OVERPAYMENT and your PTxxxxxxx number in the memo. Garrett has stated those who do send the overpayments back without being prompted will receive preferential treatment in the future. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A TICKET !!!
If your account has been suspended and you have reason to believe that it should not be, please send a ticket from outside your account outlining the reasons why. Include your PTxxxxxxx number and any relevant details. Please use the Subject line SUSPENSION. Please wait for an answer from the admin before re-opening it. It will take it out of the queue if you do.

Many overpayments were made to keep members happy. Funds allocated to future withdrawal requests were used during this process. To save time these were paid out to processors. Garrett has always stated that only 3 days reserves are held by payment processors. Garrett is organising funds from the earnings of the mine to be sent. The wiring of these funds takes a few days. They should be in the e-currency accounts by the end of this week and at the latest by Monday. Only send a ticket if your legitimate withdrawal request is still pending from before the 7th April and use the subject line FAILED REQUEST.

The redeposit link was removed to enable the technical staff to do some manual work on the database without hindrance from ever changing data. As soon as the work is completed it will be restored. In the mean time try withdrawing and redepositing. We realise this may be difficult right now but the situation will improve when the e-currency coffers are filled¦hopefully by the weekend. PLEASE DO NOT SEND TICKETS ABOUT THIS!!!

Our IT staff is working very hard to get things squared away as fast as they can and they have told me the blog will be back working the beginning of next week. Its great to hear so many of you have asked about the time of its return. We are going to get the forum back on track as well.

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