Updated: 04/19/2010 14:10
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All of HYIPNews.com readers probably know about Aballong program shutting down their signup option. Considering the current situation the...

All of HYIPNews.com readers probably know about Aballong program shutting down their sign-up option.
Considering the current situation the administration of the program has plenty of work to do lately.

Aballong admin has sent us a little explanation of what was going on with their site these days:

We were having some connection errors yesterday, and I want to apologize if you have had problems to access and request your earnings, the site is fully functioning again, and the host aware us on a maintenance going on until Tuesday. During this time, it can come to slow connections, if you have trouble accession our page just wait a few minutes and try again. At the moment, all works fine and very fast, but if it is slow for a while you know now the reason. I got many support requests because of the really long time of downtime yesterday. As I explained it is a maintenance on hushhosting, you read about on there website.I extend the time of accepting investments until Thursday Midnight GMT to give everyone the change to be a full upgraded member. We will surely close and delete every empty account at this time, so please do not send us moire request to give more time, there is a 4-day gap, and we believe within 4 days everyone can upgrade in time.

Regards Alrea


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