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HYIPNews.com has received the latest newsletter from Aballong admin. This time administrators announce final closing of the second

HYIPNews.com has received the latest newsletter from Aballong (aballong.com) admin. This time administrators announce final closing of the second pool at Midnight GMT today and explain the reasons for doing so. The newsletter also refers to new investment options for Aballong active investors. More about Aballong Premium Options read here:

Aballong is closing finally the second pool at Midnight GMT today, we got many requests to keep it open, we also got many requests to keep at least some reinvestment option open. Honestly, this is all tempting, as of course it is always nice to see how the site grows and we specially like when people are getting happily paid day by day. As you remember we started with only weekly payments, this was much more comfortable , as we always have delays in getting money between bookies and our own accounts. This was also the reason why we closed the pool. Now many people ask us if this was just a Marketing Strategy, and we need to admit, it helped us getting the first pool very quick full. The second pool took much longer.

Now I was talking about the reinvestment option. But we are telling us it just makes more work for us, since we did transfer the money back for payments, and if you just reinvested the money from the account balance we actually had fees for transferring the money and need to transfer it back to the bookies. So I come up with a much better option for everyone who still likes to invest with us, or like to reinvest there earnings.

We like to call and invite you to join our Premium Option for active investors, actually there are two options, let me explain what they do for you and how you can profit from them. Also let me explain why this option allows us to make you a great profit and does make our life easier.

Premium Option One:
We allow reinvestment and fresh investments in this option at any time, since we do have the time to invest your money and request the payments with our bookies, so this option is open without any pool at any time for every active investor who invested in our standard daily plan. I will place this new or redeposit in a Monthly opportunity where you will receive a fixed Monthly return of 40% for 3 Months, and we will return your Principal investment after additional 14 days this means you receive 40% every 30 days for 3 Months = 120% and 14 days after you receive your initial payment back. A Grand Total of 220% is here paid to you within 104 days. The Minimum to Invest in this Premium Option is $100

Premium Option Two:
We allow reinvesting and fresh investing to everyone, even to the freshly invited people, but remember we do not open the site for public, so they need to contact us with their information and your Aballong Number to start the registration process. We will also only allow fresh people when other leaves or receive their full payments already and did not reinvest within 7 days. The Premium Two is a plan what pays every 14 days, the Minimum, here is $250 and I archive 15% every 14 days for you for a total of 3 Months, what brings you to 90% and your initial deposit will be returned 15 days after the last payment, so you receive a Grand Total of 190% within 104 days

We can offer these options without a pool as we have time to transfer money between our ecurrencies and the bookies.

Now before there are questions, or misunderstandings, the Pool One and Pool Two are paying as advertised, and you receive your daily interests, there is no change for all your active investments. But these two pools are closed! So you cannot invest anymore in our Daily Arbitration Pool, but you can invest in a 14 day and a monthly option.

Please be also advised we will not change your investment from the daily Pool to one of the Premium Packages.

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