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An intriguing update was sent by exadministrator of Cashift ( ) program. We suppose it to be interesting for both program members and new...

An intriguing update was sent by ex-administrator of Cashift ( program. We suppose it to be interesting for both program members and new investors:

I hope everyone is doing good. Thank you for giving me a chance to make a site for you again. And thanks for giving value to my hard work and for seeing my clean intentions to run a fair site. I appreciate this a lot.
I am preparing for our next program. The name will be announced when it is to be launched. This coming week will be a great week for all of us and for this industry because the new program will open its doors to everyone. I hope this satisfies all questions you have regarding the new program you’ve been waiting for.
Everyone knows that I was banned from MoneyMakerGroup forum now for having multiple accounts, after I openly admitted that I am USDRoger of Investimates too. Anyway there are other forums out there where I have no account yet so I can register there too. I will make announcements when the program is launched through the forums. I will get an assistant to post on the MoneyMakerGroup forum for me so we can keep in touch there.

Of course the live chat support system will stay so we can communicate and I might add customer support representatives and possibly hire from active supporters/members.
I want to address this very important issue I just heard of, they are thinking that MoneyMakersGroup and MilkManCartel are mine. BUT THEY ARE NOT MY PROGRAMS. My program is yet to be launched this coming week. So please standby for that and I will publicly announce that it is mine when I launch it. They are trbying to immitate me on hopes that people will think they are mine and mislead so they will join. So please beware.

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