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Even if you are a newbie in HYIP investment sphere, you are probably familiar with Cherry Shares ( program. It remains on the top of leading investment opportunities for more than a year and for the present moment it is going on in its development successfully. In regards to its stable work and development, the program remains an attractive offer regardless of its long-term working period, which in terms of high-yield investment sphere means increasing risks.

Unlike most HYIP programs, which are trying to attract the audience with bright and sparkling design, Cherry Shares administration has chosen minimalism and functionality as their primary advantage. These were obviously the main aspects for their site design concept. It does not give you a lot of impressive and confusing details, here visitors have all necessary information at hand, only those details that needed. It is quite simple, and, as the result, easy and convenient. Anti-DDoS protection and SSL encryption are included.

Cherry Shares program offers investors three plans with fixed return on investment.

The first one is short-term plan, which brings members 5.8% weekly. With this plan you can withdraw your ROI any moment, while 50% become available for withdrawal after 2 weeks of the investment plan start, and 100% after 3 weeks. Medium-term plan covers 50 weeks investment period and brings investors 8.7% weekly. Principal is available to withdraw after the end of investment period only.

Long-term plan gives the highest profit – 9.9% weekly with an investment period of 75 weeks, and principal is available after the end of the investment period. Compounding option can be used for Medium- and Long-term plan. Minimal investment amount for Short-term plan is $50, which is higher than average level for HYIP programs, but lower than required amount of giants of the market, who are positioning themselves as real investment opportunities with trading background.

For Medium-term plan investment starts with $5 000 and for Long-term with $20 000. Maximal amount is $10 000 000, but those who are interested to invest more are invited to discuss this opportunity with the program administration. Cherry Shares works with the traditionally most popular payment systems in the market, namely Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Alert Pay. Bank wires are also possible.

Cherry Shares administration is obviously paying attention to program promotion, even in terms when the program is already quite famous. Investors may participate in a flexible referral program, which has 4 levels depending upon the amount of referrals and three levels corresponding to every plan. Generally, referral commission varies from 3% to 25%.

The same attention is paid to public relations. The program site provides detailed information about public resources of information about the program – the list of public forums, e-zines and blogs and statistics for monitoring statuses and votes. It would be much useful for those investors who are likely to get all possible information about the program before making a deposit. Site is available in three languages, which is one more obvious advantage for gaining multi-language audience. Generally, the program can still be treated as an interesting investment offer and may be recommended to the investors.

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