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EuroNanoInvest is online for about 3 months, and the only reason they are not the leaders of the market is probably their focus on successful trading

EuroNanoInvest is online for about 3 months, and the only reason they are not the leaders of the market is probably their focus on successful trading rather than on marketing and promotional programs. At the same time, a large audience of the program members demonstrates an overall satisfaction with the program services, which is a better evidence of the program progress and reliability than being a talk of the town.

The first detail sticking to an eye when you start your research on EuroNanoInvest as a possible investment offer is their high level of professionalism and serious approach towards their project. While most HYIP programs represent their offers by means of free templates, EuroNanoInvest shoots in the eye with customized script, high-tech design and excellent usability, reliable hosting service provided by Dragonara, anti-DDoS protection by Gigabit.DC and advanced security by Comodo. All these features in combination with attractive interface and convenient functionality make the site of EuroNanoInvest one of the most attractive products in the market.

Both public and member area have easy and convenient user interface. When member logs in, he sees all general information related to his account, including his balance split by e-currencies and total. Here investor also can access his investment history details, load his account or request a withdrawal and all these options are possible from a single menu.

In their legend administrators of EuroNanoInvest keep up to up-to-date standards and advanced technologies. According to their story, EuroNanoInvest is involved in research and development of nano technologies as the most perspective and promising area. According to the program site, EuroNanoInvest has been working for 4 years before they have appeared in HYIP arena. However, it would be wiser to measure program lifecycle since the moment they introduce them to investors of high yield investment sphere. Those who are interested to get more detailed information can access it at the program website. Incorporation documents can also be found there.

The company is officially registered in Seychelles, there is also a postal address provided. As they state, their headquarters is located in Paris, but meetings with members are not planned. All basic information concerning program investment offers and corresponding background is available for download in pdf file. Help view is one more feature that is worth mentioning. It represents a convenient tool for explaining investors, especially those who are new with HYIP, how to manage their accounts and how to perform all basic operations. In addition to information about high-tech industries, leading venture plans are available for every plan.

EuroNanoInvest does not stop on this and offers career opportunities for interested investors. It's quite doubtful that there would be lots of investors planning a career in an online high-yield investment program, but offer is open. What should be mentioned along with these details is that none of them gives a long-life guarantee of stability and success. At the same time, they demonstrate attention to the details, serious approach and budget spends, which may serve as indirect confirmation of positive perspective, at least for the nearest future.

Let's proceed to the program plans. The first one is Nanotech in medicine, with investment period limited to 160 days, minimum deposit amount of $10, and daily payments of 1.4%. Principal is returned in the end of the investment period. Looks quite long and with low return, but if you calculate your daily profit with weekends excluded, you will see that you get break even after 72 days after the start of your investment plan.

The second plan is Nanotech in Electronics. In comparison to the first one, this plan will give you higher ROI in a short period of time, but the minimum investment amount is higher in this case, which is not surprising, because less risk is always paid more. This plan will get you paid 1.6% Monday through Friday within 140 days, with principal returned after the end of the investment period and minimum deposit of $1000. With this plan you will break even on the 63th day of the investment period.

Nanotech in materials is the third plan of EuroNanoInvest and this one is obviously the least popular plans from those provided by EuroNanoInvest due to its high cost. Minimum investment amount is $8000, the investment period lasts 120 days and ROI is 1.8% Monday-Friday with principal returned after the end of the investment period.

Compounding option is not available, however administration offers an alternative feature – member account may be replenished in 30 days after the start of investment period. After plan overview it becomes clear that Nanotech in medicine is at the highest demand due to its democratic nature. Much lesser amount of investors would choose Nanotech in Electronics due to higher minimum, but probably, after few successful months of functioning, there would be more and more investors interested to try their fortune in this plan.

If we look through the list of payment processors available for the program members, we will see that administration offers Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money only. This is quite a restricted choice, although these payment processors are the most popular in the scene, and it does not look like administration is going to extend this list.

On the contrary, means of communication are more variable. There is an online chat, which is available during working hours, not all day and night round. You can also submit a support ticket in a form on their contact page. Besides, you can write to program e-mail directly, this is also possible on the program site.

Investors of the program may earn 5% referral commission by spreading the word about EuroNanoInvest. Unlike other HYIP program, this one allows investors get referral commission without making in investment into the program.

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