Updated: 04/26/2010 12:22
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Rags2richness.com is another program, which is going to please investors with bonus paid on deposit:

Rags2Richness is giving a 10% extra bonus added on deposits of $100 or more till the end of April. The unique part of this is that the 10% bonus can be invested in any other plan of your choice. So you can have $100 in the Daily plan and $10 in the weekly plan.

This bonus will remain until the end of April or can be stopped beforehand if we find any abuse of it. Both new and existing members qualify for it. Please note however affiliate commissions will not be paid out on the 10% bonus. Referral commission is still paid out as normal to the original deposit of $100 or more.
To get the bonus just deposit and send an email on [email protected] and your bonus will be added to the plan of your choice. When sending the email please include your member ID, deposit batch number, and the plan that you would like the bonus sent to. It is important however that you send an email from the same email address you have on your Rags2Richness account.

The much awaited first standings for the referral contest are as follows:
1 – MEMBER 205 – 10 Referrals – $307, 2 – MEMBER 95 – 4 Referrals – $302, 3 – MEMBER 290 – 2 Referrals – $276, 4 – MEMBER 38 – 2 Referrals – $210, 5 – MEMBER 57 – 2 Referrals – $101, 6 – MEMBER 241 – 3 Referrals – $92.50, 7 – MEMBER 215 – 2 Referrals – $56, 8 – MEMBER 153 – 1 Referral – $20, 9 – MEMBER 89 – 2 Referrals – $16
There are still more than 8 days left until the contest is over and I'm very happy with the outcome so far. Congratulations to these members and please keep up the good work!

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