Updated: 04/26/2010 15:36
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Administration of rags2richness.com program website has published an update informing about a list of features that they are going to implement at the nearest future:

From Monday we will also be starting a rigorous advertising plan where we seek to advertise in all the key places at the right spot and the right times to help Rags2Richness grow even further.
There are some key points which we will be looking into and planning this week to add to R2R in the near future to further set Rags2Richness above all others:
- Credit Card and Bank Wire deposits
- Own Debit Cards to withdraw money in your account straight from an ATM
- SMS notifications
- Auctions Page
More information about the status of these features will be given in the coming weeks.
With the current growth and traffic we will see Rags2Richness becoming the Top No.1 Online Investing Program out there in a few months. With this we would like to thank our current members for your support and membership with us.

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