Updated: 04/27/2010 08:07
Hyip Monitor administration informs that they have added French version of the site There are also plans to add Spanish administration informs that they have added French version of the site. They are also plan Spanish version and some other additional upgrades:

The project EuroNanoInvest now exists in French and one can enable it in the top right corner of the page. Those of you who have any questions can contact our support department which is available in French.
We are pleased to announce to thousands of our clients from Spanish-speaking countries that very soon we will launch the interface of our site and customer support in Spanish.

Also it is necessary to say that at the core of our business the positive trends still continue to appear. This time we report the opening of a new direction in the selection of venture capital projects by our analytical department in the third decade of March. It is industrial nano polymers used in the commodities. The nano polymers of this kind are the materials of the future and even today the companies like BMW construct their conceptual models using similar materials. You can see everything yourself here.

The first venture projects in the field of nano polymers we partnered with are Grozzer Mechanics Ltd. and POPYSPHERE Venture. The investment activity in the field of nano polymer is characterized by fairly long payback period however the ROI in this industry can amount to several thousand percent. We will surely notify our customers about the first results of investing in the projects mentioned above. The first report on working with these ventures is scheduled for October 15, 2010. The report will be submitted in writing or on site of EuroNanoInvest or will be presented at a conference in Dresden in late October.

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