Updated: 04/30/2010 10:42
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CherryShares (, the last survived HYIP titan, is not going to follow the example of its former colleagues. At least the latest...

CherryShares (, the last survived HYIP titan, is not going to follow the example of its former colleagues. At least the latest newsletter sent by the program's admin is full of forward-looking plans:

Dear Members and Investors,

If a company is profitable, it has to evolve, the new capital must go into brand new and refreshing updates that will assure the future profit also. You can`t continue at the same level because the market we are placed it is highly volatile and attracting customers is one of the main objectives that all have. We know that `Cherry Shares` is profitable and we know that it is here to last for years, but our users may have some doubts regarding this. This is why we increased in the past the rate and now our clients are receiving far more money that they did before. All our activity and our efforts are focused toward`s customer satisfaction and we respond each time there is a request.

It seems that this moment has come again, but this time, it`s solely the `fault` of our clients. The clients with sufficient funds and those with medium amounts of liquidity have contacted us and requested that we introduce a new plan, one that will grant them the profit everyday. We totally understand this dividends share idea and together with our board of directors we have come to the conclusion that this will be a great step forward for the company.

From 5 May, 2010 we will introduce a new investment plan which will offer 1.1% daily for every calendar day! The name of this plan is Daily". This means that you will receive profits even on weekends and holidays. You will be able to set automatic compounding for the first time and to disable it at any time, because you may want to let the compounding go in order to generate bigger interests when you will reset it to zero. These features are unique and we hope you will highly appreciate our effort that we made for making this plan possible!

We look around us and we are afraid of what we see - scams rise and fall like tiny soldiers into a huge battle. No more fear, `Cherry Shares` is not a project that looks only for your fat wallets or pockets. Even more, we want to be those who fill it! And not only pockets and wallets, but even your hearts, with joy and security in tomorrow!

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