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Administrator of is much concerned with a request to increase deposit minimum, requested by one of the program members. Administrators...

Administrator of is much concerned with a request to increase deposit minimum, requested by one of the program members. Administrators supposes that it could affect the program stability:

There is something I want to share with all of you today. Since yesterday, I have been receiving 4 e-mails (probably from the same member I suppose) asking me the increase the maximum total deposit amount to $5,000 or more or letting him deposit more than the total maximum amount allowed for depositing in ChokoMoney ($3,000). Well, I am not sure what the real intention of that particular member behind this request is, but I want to make it very clear and clarify the matter that I am strongly against these admins who easily get blinded by the money and run their programs for one or two cycles and then run away. It is not the reason why ChokoMoney is here today. Moreover, I totally disallow any kind of discrimination between my members and will not accept any deposit which is over $3,000 or multiple deposits exceeding it. What’s the point of asking me to increase the maximum deposit amount already when ChokoMoney is just a baby? Sorry but ChokoMoney is not here for hit and runners or to members that see the enormous growth of the program and try to take advantage of that by requesting me to do such things so they can make big profits for themselves.

ChokoMoney was built with one main goal, and that is to show the HYIP industry that if an admin of a program doesn’t have any bad intentions and is willing to run a program in the fairest way possible, doing his utmost efforts with making payments and answering support requests, combining that with an overwhelming support from members from the very beginning, the program can reach heights and become very profitable and sustainable in the long haul. From a member’s point of view, I know that the member’s fear is that the admin would run away with the money after sometime but I can assure you that such thing will never happen with ChokoMoney because as long as the program is doing very well with a healthy growth rate which becomes stronger and better everyday and so does the level of support from members, then one should never fear of cashflow issues or him not getting paid for his deposit. Also I would like to say that I’m not going to increase the maximum deposit amount at least for a few weeks.

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