Updated: 05/03/2010 19:31
Hyip Monitor administration has reminded investors of numerous opportunities to support the program and thus attract new audience to the project,... administration has reminded investors of numerous opportunities to support the program and thus attract new audience to the project, and, accordingly, earn more:

1) Reinvesting – As I said in the previous newsletters I sent, ChokoMoney main goal is to show the HYIP industry that with enormous members' support and a honest admin that doesn't have any bad intentions in running a program, the program can reach heights and become very profitable and enjoyable for everyone in the long haul. Reinvesting is extremely significant for the program's health growth so that it can be sustainable for a very long period of time. I would like to say that again, ChokoMoney is not here for hit & runners or to members who takes advantage of the program's enormous potential and therefore ask me to increase the total maximum deposit amount so they can make big profits to themselves and then leave. ChokoMoney relies on members' support and everyone working together here as a teamwork to make everyday stronger and better from the day before both in terms of deposits and members' support.

2) Posting your payment proofs on the forums – it's a MUST to post payment proofs on the forums as it is an integral part of the program's success. Let everyone know that ChokoMoney is ALWAYS PAYING! I expect each member to post his payment proofs from ChokoMoney AT LEAST on 2 of the following forums :
In order to motivate ALL the members who get paid from ChokoMoney to post their payment proofs on the forums even further, I decided that in this coming week I will choose 5 payment proofs out of all the payment proofs that will be posted on the forums and each one of the 5 member's who posted that payment proof I chose will be given a cash prize of $5.

3) Voting for ChokoMoney on the monitors – after you get paid from ChokoMoney, it is EXTREMELY significant that you vote for the program on the monitors on the “Rate us” page. This is your way for feedbacking and also showing everyone that ChokoMoney is paying consistently. The more monitors you vote for the program on, the better is the program's rating and performance in this industry! For those who don't know, this is the link for the monitors page:

4) Promoting, advertising, and telling ALL your friends about ChokoMoney – please let all your friends know that you got paid from ChokoMoney and also tell them about it, share your experience with it with them and show them how many members are happy with the success and performance of the program. I also have one additional request to many of the blog / forum owners that send me thousands of emails everyday begging me to advertise in their blog / forum. I will NOT do what other admins do and that is using members' funds for advertising and promoting their program. This act causes for cashflow problems in the future and such thing will never be done with ChokoMoney. The program has received so much exposure in these 6 days alone, and already got 20k unique visitors daily (see here) that I STRONGLY believe that it can keep it up this way and grow gradually as members support the program in all the ways I mentioned above.

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