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Privatediamondclub.net is going to start a new trading journey. A description of future journey plan sounds like a plot for an adventure movie: The...

Private-diamond-club.net is going to start a new trading journey. A description of future journey plan sounds like a plot for an adventure movie:

The journey was planned by our head of trading since 2 month and will take place in in the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). This time our head of trading will travel together with 3 partners. He decided to fly with 2 diamond experts. Again our main diamond expert, who also took part on our last trading journey, and a second diamond export, who works normally for a company in Botswana. He is a long term friend of our head of trading and will just stay 2 – 3 days to check the rough gemstones with a different new method. The 3rd member of the team is a trusted friend (a well known General in the C.A.R.) who will secure the trade.

Our main partner, the one who will sell us the “product”, is not owning his own diamond fields but in the last 3 years we worked 4 times with him. He use to work for the Central African Diamond Company and had a position in the local Government. He is known for his contacts and always delivered in time. Our head of trading will meet him near the town of Bria. The C.A.R. has less resources than Congo but it is known in terms of quality diamonds. Due to the lack of control of the diamond industry in the C.A.R. the journey requires less paperwork than trades in Congo. But to make sure we get the needed quantity and the best quality to make the profit we are looking for, a higher amount is needed for the trade. It is a cash deal worth almost US$350 k. The team is bigger, the chartered plane is bigger and as a result the total expenses are higher. This time our head of trading will leave his video camera in the office, with US$ 350000 in cash we don’t take any risk.

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