Updated: 05/04/2010 15:23
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Aballong (aballong.com) admin realizes the current problems and offers possible solutions in its latest newsletter

Aballong (aballong.com) admin realizes the current problems and offers possible solutions in its latest newsletter:

- GDP is Still Offline.
- Strictpay, Still not even Responded to My Submitted Passport, what was notarized and submitted to them 48 hours ago.
- 85% of all Members Want the Investment Moved to the Premium One Plan.

-GDP and Strictpay can be exchanged to any other Epayment Provider. About this Situation, we need to exchange every single user and I expect even more emails as we can handle on a day, helps me on Support emails and exchanges of the mentioned Epayment Providers.

Grand Solution:
Since most of our investors are requesting to exchange money to the Premium One Plan, we will change the daily Pool to the Premium One Plan, as an result everyone receives 40% every 30 days for 90 days and after additional 14 days you will receive your principal back.

You can also email us between day 80-90 and continue your principal investment further 90 days.

For everyone who does not like the Solution we are offering, please send us an email and request your account to be canceled and refunded. We are happy to do this for members who are depending on daily interests.

Please understand the Strictpay and GDP problems are out of our hands, but we do have some high amounts in these Epayment Providers, and since we are based on arbitration, there is no way for us to place bets into the daily pool coming from these Epayment Providers, since we don't want you to lose money, we exchange this two Epayment Providers in other Epayment Providers or to Bank Transfers. As a result, we lose time and receive less payments from our arbitration, this way we are offering now will speed up the problems and is the greatest solution I can think about.

Aballong also close the deposit option for the Premium Two Plan, so all future investments can only be placed in the Premium One Plan.

We like to offer everyone to get paid with a Standard Bank Wire, this would also be cheaper for us as we do not need to have Epayment Exchangers Rates, as an result we could offer only a 10% charge instead of the 15% withdrawal charge we have in our system. Please let us know if you want to switch to Bank Wires in the Future. But please note, we do make Bank Transfers lower as US$250, since our Bank also charge for Transfers.

I hope this Solution is in your interest, as we are based on Real Arbitration, and we need to make Bets to give you the promised interest, as a result this is the Best Solution for all of us, and to continue paying you High Interest, the GDP and Strictpay problems, are just out of our hands and we want to provide everyone with returns and not do what most would do and say we just not pay the GDP or Strictpay investors.

All payment requests were as always paid today, but Strictpay and GDP Epayment Providers are not, please send us an email with your favorite Epayment Provider or Banking Details, and we will pay you as fast as we always do.

Regards Alrea

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