Updated: 05/05/2010 15:29
Hyip Monitor administrator has sent an update explaining the reasons of the recent program site downtime and assured that this was not DDoS attack as a lot of investors suspected:

It looks like the website was down exactly in the same hours I was sleeping. As soon as I woke up I contacted HushHosting and they fixed it immediately. They confirmed it was NOT DDOS attack after all, because they have control on DDOS attack, and if such an attack occurs they immediately migrate it. It was just the server that stopped responding for some reason and it’s just fixed and the site is back to normal and loading very fast. I also asked them to make sure such thing will NEVER happen again in the future as I don’t want any member to experience slowness in the loading of the website and OF COURSE the website should be always up without any downtime. Please don’t get panic if such thing happens in the future (even though I don’t believe it will!) because HushHosting always solve the issue in a matter of minutes.

Abby C. Anderson,

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