Updated: 05/06/2010 15:29
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It seemed like PanaMoney issue was closed for good. The program is gone, they do not pay, everything is pretty clear.

It seemed like PanaMoney issue was closed for good. The program is gone, they don't pay, everything is pretty clear. Yet not for everybody as it turned out. Recently we got the following letter from an investor confident that PanaMoney is going to come back soon:

Panamoney went to great pains to tell us that they were changing their trading system and needed April 21 to 28 to install it. April 29 was a non trading day according to their calendar. May 3 to 5 are non trading days according to their calendar and April 30 to May 5 are their maintenance days as advised. So I don't think Panamoney is dead unless you can tell me something I don't know. Rob

As for me the things are obvious here. The program's site is still available to make you think everything is okay, though it's not. I don't expect will go back. It's a big miracle if they would. They just want to grab as much money as possible ultimately. That is substantiated by the following newsletter sent by PanaMoney admin from some lovely seaside I guess:

Dear PanaMoney Client,

We are happy to announce that the new trading system starts trading on May 6 as planned.
All transactions in the accounts are available in their normal way; however, we are still working on the new updates in the client account area as announced in the previous newsletter.

The technical updates we are developing will not anyhow affect the trades nor any other transactions, although can cause some delays. All bank transfer and other withdrawals will arrive in the nearest 2-4 days.

Looking forward to our increased profits and improved features,

PanaMoney Technologies, Inc.

The only thing is true about this newsletter is that they indeed look forward to increased profits. This is the only reason why such programs stay available long after having turned scam. Don't let them fool you! Again!

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