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Today is a small anniversary 100 days online of a young and promising project EuroNanoInvest (

Today is a small anniversary - 100 days online - of a young and promising project EuroNanoInvest ( For those who doesn't know yet EuroNanoInvest is one of the most successful online investment projects of 2010. The program offers three investment plans: Nanotech in Medicine, Nanotech in Electronics and Nanotech in materials.

The program has recently informed its current members and prospective investors that it has reached out to over 50,000 investors and will make plans to further increase the site's profitability by taking part in various conferences in and around Europe starting this September. More info on the program you can learn by visiting their site or reading the following newsletter:

On the path of success to autumn conferences Every new working day in Euro Nano Investment brings profits to our customers and new opportunities to the company, the opportunities of developing in the sphere of investments made in nanotechnologies. Having reached our 50,000 customer last week, we aim to actively develop our business. From now on, 75% of the profits received will be spent on developing our company's business. We intend to open new offices and cooperate with TV channels in order to make nanotechnologies popular and we also plan to create our own nanotechnology certification center. But the first step for us would be a series of autumn conferences, which will be held in Europe starting in September.
Schedule of conferences:

29 September, 2010. Marseille, France. The conference theme is "Investment risks in the field of investments in nanotechnologies."
5 October, 2010. Dresden, Germany. The conference theme is "The prospects of investing in polymeric nanomaterials."
14 November 2010. Milan, Italy. The conference theme is "The growth of venture investments' share in the total market weight."
19 November, 2010. Madrid, Spain. Theme conference is "Creating business partnership schemes in the sphere of investments in nanotechnologies."
8 December, 2010. Warsaw, Poland. The conference theme is "The growth dynamics of online investments' share on the high-tech investment market."
22 December, 2010. Prague, Czech Republic. The conference theme is "Revenue optimization through application of progressive methods of investing."

The exact place and time of the conference will be defined in late August. Those who won't be able to attend conferences, will be able to watch them online on our website.
While investing in nanotechnologies brings ultrahigh profits, we urge our investors to take this chance, as the technologies that cost millions today, may depreciate. So it makes sense to earn with nanotechnologies today!

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