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The first week of May turned out to be not so quiet and relaxed as it had been expected due to May day holidays announced by lots of programs. It looks like administrators of promising and popular programs compete for the attention of audience and thus pay much attention to the program development. Besides, a lot of them introduce new features, updates and enhancements.

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Panamoney remains in an unstable and ambiguous situation. The non-trading period is over but no payouts are processed and administration goes on sending some unclear excuses in their official newsletters -http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17013/UPCOMING-CHANGES-IN-PANAMONEY/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17029/PANAMONEY-NEWSLETTER-FROM-A-SEASIDE/. Looks like this actor has already abandoned the scene. On the contrary, incoforex.com administrators who also announced non-trading days, state they they have spent this time on useful enhancements - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17031/UPDATED-SYSTEM-OF-INCOFOREX/. Private-diamond-club has left for the announced journey - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17002/A-NEW-JOURNEY/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17027/PRIVATE-DIAMOND-CLUB-JOURNEY/. Chocomoney, one of the fastly developing programs, proudly reports their progress - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17025/PROGRESS-OF-CHOCOMONEY/. Plents program is also trying not to lose positions and attracts investors with a pleasant stats - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17020/TRADING-RESULTS-OF-PLENTS/. Cherry shares introduced a new daily plan - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17012/NEW-INVESTMENT-PLAN-IN-CHERRYSHARES/.

Brand new contests and bonus programs have been announced by few programs - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17015/WHITE-FUND-HAPPILY-ANNOUNCES/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17004/CREATIVITY-CONTEST/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17003/REFERRAL-CONTEST/

Technical issues always happen and this week has not become an exclusion - http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17023/ABALLONG-NEWSLETTER/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17026/ISSUES-WITH-STAUNCHFINANCES/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17017/CHOKOMONEY-ON-DOWNTIME/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17014/GOOD-NEWS-FROM-TRUEARN/, http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17010/DATABASE-ERROR/

REVIEW OF THE WEEK: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17022/SHORT-REVIEW-OF-ARBEXTRADERS/

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