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ChokoMoney ( admin has sent the programs statistics for 2 weeks of their work and here is what they say

ChokoMoney ( admin has sent the program's statistics for 2 weeks of their work and here is what they say:

Started: 26.APR.2010
Running Days 14
Total Members 1705
Members Online 10
Total Deposits $355890

I have no words to tell how much excited I am that ChokoMoney became extremely popular among investors in a such short period of time. Not only is ChokoMoney famous in the HYIP arena at the moment, but the level of members' support is totally tremendous. Members keep reinvesting bigger amounts everytime after they get paid and if it continues like this, I have no doubt in my mind that ChokoMoney may make history as the longest lasting high-ROI HYIP ever. I am looking forward to that and hope we can all fulfill it together. So far so good. ChokoMoney is doing extremely well and everyday really gets stronger than the day before thanks to the enormous members' support. With such giants HYIP websites like GeniusFunds, PanaMoney, GNI, NanoMoneyCorp, Verifield, Infinitiva collapsing, I hope that ChokoMoney will at least be a part of these programs that help reviving the industry and bringing it back to life.

So what uniques ChokoMoney from other programs?

1) No lies - 99% of the HYIP website lie their members about investments in the Forex market, Arbitrage Betting Pool and all the other bullshit. Being a honest and straightforward admin, I do not lie my members about any kind of these fake investments. I want to clarify to all of you (especially to the newbies in the HYIP world) that *ALL* HYIPs are nothing more than games. And nobody really invests your funds but pays you at the expense on others. Please do not get fooled, there are no exceptionals here.

2) Honesty - 99% of the admins in this arena have an advanced intention to scam even before the first cycle is completed. They don't want to make their program last because they don't even realize that they may succeed even more when their program becomes more popular and last longer. As an admin of ChokoMoney, I am doing my utmost efforts everyday with making payments and answering to thousands (!) of support requests, and doing my best to make ChokoMoney a great and sustainable program in the long haul.

3) Members' support - I have never seen any HYIP in the past who had such a huge support from members in the first 2 weeks of it being online. The fact that ChokoMoney has over 1700 members now with over $350k in deposits, shows how much enormous the level of members' support is and how many members decide to stick with ChokoMoney and reinvest because they know that as long as the program is doing well, there is no reason why they won't get paid for their deposit.

As to the things that made ChokoMoney tick for these two weeks, the program recently announced the winners of the First Referral Contest which ended on May 10th. The best referrer is topnotcher, member ID #7, with 205 referrals in his downline. The second place goes to Paul Abramson (Money-News-Online Admin) who got 201 referrals in his downline. And the third place goes to Orchard, with 198 referrals in his downline. Warmest congratulations to the winners!

ChokoMoney also announced the beginning of the second referral contest! The contest started on May 10th, and will end on May 20th. This time there will be 4 winners (those who won in the first referral contest aren't included in the list of participants, of course) and each one of the 4 winners will receive $250 directly to the payment processor he wishes to receive it. The program's admin hope many members will participate and help ChokoMoney grow and expand to make it sustainable for the longest time possible.

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