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Hyip Monitor is a brand new lowreturn program. Although it appeared online not long ago, it succeeded in attracting attention of the audience, and in... is a brand new low-return program. Although it appeared online not long ago, it succeeded in attracting attention of the audience, and in case this popularity grows with the same speed, the program may soon become quite a serious market player. This is one of those cases when investors interest is well deserved by administration, and this particular investment opportunity by no means is worthy more in-depth look and description.

It has quite simple though attractive and user-friendly design and navigation. Obviously, much time and attention was spend on making the site look serious, professional and stylish. All the necessary information is clear and well-described. There are no any specific features here that would represent some original concept or ideas, however, basic information is at hand and seems well-organized.

Speaking about the project itself, Alfunds team chose the way of representing it more or less real, so they do not claim obvious lies about international establishments with huge capitals and long-term history. Neither they state that the company is officially registered investment fund. Project background is described in vague terms, however, hardly any serious investor would treat the legends seriously. In case of HYIP program, original content of the program site should be considered as a positive sign, which is the case. Unfortunately, neither registration documentation nor real address of the program help in case admins decide to disappear.

Administration of the program offers three types of plans with variable interest for all of them and weekly payouts. Initial deposit is returned after the end of the investment period. The question of fixed interest vs variable interest calls a lot of discussions and investors indeed feel more convenient and assured when they are aware of the amount of money they receive from the administration, however, fluctuating interest positively influences the program stability, as the previous experience shows. So, this is up to you to decide whether it is an advantage or a drawback. In this case interest is variable and investment plans run 30 weeks each.

  • The first plan is Basic pool, which is set up for minimum of $10 and maximum $999. Maximum of weekly ROI is 5%. You can easily calculate that minimum amount of time needed for you to break even with this plan is twenty weeks, which is not really fast, but less risky with a small amount of money invested.
  • The next plan is Premium pool, and its minimum is $1000, which is much more serious. Maximum allowed amount in this plan is $10000 and during 30 weeks investors will receive a weekly interest up to 6%, which allows them break even after seventeen weeks the earliest.
  • The third plan has minimum of $10000, which is obviously too risky for a brand new project, no matter how serious it may seem. This is VIP pool plan, and it brings up to 7% per week maximum.

It is also worth mentioning that administration allows members withdraw their deposit before the end of the investment period and say goodbye. However, it costs a penalty of 20% of an amount you want to withdraw, so please mind it. In addition, you are required to send administrators a prior notice before you get your principal back before the end of the investment period.

The list of payment processors accepted by the program administration is rather poor, it consists of Liberty reserve and Perfect money only. Of course, these are the most popular payment processors, and would probably satisfy the needs of the most part of investors, however, extending this list would be useful. Administrators disabled instant withdrawals due to hackers attacks not so long ago, but for the present moment instant withdrawals have been successfully renewed. Generally, site security and anti-DDoS protection seem to be serious, which is confirmed by successful program start and progress, so these details can be listed as the program advantages as well.

Generally, the program makes quite a pleasant impression. Plans with variable interest and low-return, which positively influence the program stability, a quality technical implementation in combination with enhanced security and protection make this new project one of promising investment opportunities, and, hopefully, one of future serious HYIP players.

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