Updated: 05/11/2010 18:19
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Truearn ( has recently sent us their latest newsletter informing on the following:

As you all know, True Earn has been online for over a month now, and even though it might not seem to be a big milestone to some, it definitely is a great achievement for all of us. It's with small achievements we are able to reach the bigger milestones. Being online for over a month with consistent ultra-fast payments and high quality 24/7 support response, is just the smallest of the milestones in our journey to reach the biggest ones.

I take this opportunity to give special thanks to all my members who have been with us for such a long time, and I wish and I hope to see you all with us along with your tremendous support for True Earn in the coming months. The coming months are going to be really exciting with True Earn, and I promise I'll keep True Earn up to your expectations with the usual ultra-fast payments and 24/7 support.


I have another exciting news for you all. We have implemented a currency exchange feature, with which you will be able to exchange your e-currencies in the allocated directions at just 1% fee. This exchange feature is an amazing offer, because you will not be able to exchange your e-currencies anywhere else at this cheap rate. Currently the allocated exchange directions are:

Liberty Reserve ====> AlertPay ( 1% fee )
Liberty Reserve ====> SolidTrust Pay ( 1% fee )

Perfect Money ====> AlertPay ( 1% fee )
Perfect Money ====> SolidTrust Pay ( 1% fee )

StrictPay ====> AlertPay ( 1% fee )
StrictPay ====> SolidTrust Pay ( 1% fee )

Global Digital Pay ====> AlertPay ( 1% fee )
Global Digital Pay ====> SolidTrust Pay ( 1% fee )

The exchange feature can be found right after you login to your account, right below where you can see your account balance. Please note that you cannot send money to us just for the sake of exchanging. After you make an investment in True Earn, and right after your investment matures and reflects in your account balance together with your earnings, you can do the exchange in the allowed directions.

True Earn Manager

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