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Private Diamond Club ( keeps informing all its existing and potential members of all updates of the program. In the following...

Private Diamond Club ( keeps informing all its existing and potential members of all updates of the program. In the following newsletter the program's admin provides the latest news about the Head of trading of PDC journey to the CAR:

here the latest news from Lars... We had problems with the audio uploads for the Audio diary. But this will be solved tomorrow. Here now the latest news from Lars...

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Dear members and followers of the PDC,

It is the 11th of May. 6 days ago our head of trading started his journey to the CAR. The journey in the CAR was first covered by ups and downs. Now it seems all is settled...
The Trading area is: Bria (Central African Republic)
Trading value: about US$ 350,000
As you see we are still updating our Media Centre... Today, we all came together because my "right hand", Mrs. Abdala, had written and presented a number of reports and changes for the future. She also gave a speech not only to our employees, no, also to the public. Check our Multimedia Area to listen to the main points of the speech or download the report as .pdf file. The speech focused on Fair Trade Diamond Deals and the difference between Fair Trades and the Kimberly Process. Of course as I said one major change will be the daily plan. It will change, starting 5 days after the head of trading is back but just for new members. For existing active members the investment terms won't change.

I hope I also will find time to update the Audio diary of our head of trading this night or tomorrow...
Our new Trading Report Area will be online after the journey.
I hope our head of trading and his team are back in the 2 days and we can see the results. I can't wait.
I thank all Private Diamond Club members and followers for the support and I am back soon.


Lars von Oldberg (11/05/2010)

Contact us if you have any question.

The Private Diamond Club Limited

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