Updated: 05/12/2010 15:10
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Tomorrow is our third week online and I must say that we are as strong as ever! Even with the few high-ROI HYIPs that opened these past two weeks, it hasn't affected much of your support. But I will continue to remind you that there are high-risks and there are low-risks, I will not tell you what to choose because I believe you are smart enough to know that already, just remember that ‘diversity' is the key.

On our 1st month anniversary (May 21st), I will be unveiling three (3) HUGE surprises to all of you our members. I am not going to divulge any yet but I'm pretty sure you will like it!
We surpassed 800 members already! Member #700 (not Member ID) is Inez260, we are waiting for her to be active and she and her upline will both win up to $70 each. Member #800 is hyiphot and he and his upline is set to win up to $80 each. This is part of our ongoing referral contest which will end once we reach 1000 members where the winners will win $100 each.

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