Updated: 05/13/2010 11:27
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Hello, dear readers of HYIPNews.com. By all appearances I should refer to you as to regular readers. According to our statistics more than 60% of our readers are regular. We take this as a compliment. Yet this time I’m not going to praise hyipnews.com. Today I’m going to write about what we did wrong.

Our regular mailing which has been active for the last two years is closed. Many of you have noticed that our newsletter #79 has been published only on the site (http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17045/HYIPNEWS-NEWSLETTER-79/ ) and on Twitter (http://twitter.com/hyipnewscom). However it hasn’t been sent.

This is caused by the fact that technical specifications of our mailing don’t meet up-to-date requirements of most mail services. Thus our HYIPNewsletter becomes ineffective. In fact most investors would like to modify mailing options or at least receive the letters in their Inbox instead of SPAM or BULK folder.

This is why we have decided to suspend mailing and publish several next newsletters on our website only. If you like to keep up with our newsletters we recommend you to subscribe for our Twitter account (http://twitter.com/hyipnewscom).

We are going to finish all the scheduled tasks and get back to regular operating mode within a couple of weeks. We apologize to all the readers and subscribers for any inconveniences we might cause. Hopefully we will wash away our guilt by valuable advices and recommendations which would bring you good profit.

Stay tuned.
That is just the beginning...

, HYIPNews.com

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Another young writer working for HYIPNews.com, Steve Sweeney is the article writer and author able to write powerful headlines, to integrate copy with graphics and page design and manipulate text for max effect (ie. bold, italic, highlight). The experience of this young author is not reach in spite of his age, though Steve is proud to become an active member of a highly productive and creative professional team of HYIPNews where his skills as an accomplished advertising copywriter, copy editing and proofreader are being utilized at the highest level.
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