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HyipNews.com (HN): Hello! First please introduce yourself to your readers and describe your position in the company. Briefly introduce your team – how many people are working for the company and what their key positions are.
OnlineInvestmentFund (OIF): Hello, I'm Laroche Martin, Chief Financial Officer at Day Trade Group Inc. There are four individuals in our management team plus our programmers, traders, consultants and other people working for us answering support tickets or providing other services.

(HN): Please tell us what contact information you give your clients. How close you let them approach to you?
(OIF): We can be contacted by e-mail and we're planning to introduce support by phone and livechat in the nearby future.

(HN): Is your company somehow officially registered? If yes, do you open to public the documents that confirm its legal status?
(OIF): Our company, Day Trade Group Inc, is incorporated in Republic of Seychelles. Incorporation documents can be downloaded from our website: (http://www.onlineinvestmentfund.com/cert.pdf) Certificate of Incorporation and (http://www.onlineinvestmentfund.com/memorandum.pdf) Memorandum And articles of association.

(HN): Please describe what investment plans you offer to your investors. Why is your offer more attractive than other projects?
(OIF): We are offering two investment plans: Alternative Growth Fund and Diamond Investment Fund. With the first plan our investors can earn up to 2.3% daily for 100 business days and with the second plan they can earn up to 14% weekly for 20 weeks. Our technical features, the information provided on our site, our professional team and all our features makes our program attractive and unique.

(HN): It is not a secret that the sphere of online investments is accompanied with high risks for the investors. How can you provide financial stability and security of your system?
(OIF): First of all I have to say that our website is protected against DDOS attacks as we use a powerful server rented from BlackLouts. The company that developed the investment software is doing checking and updates often to make sure the site is in good shape. The professionalism of our management team will determine good decisions in developing our online investment fund and minimizing the risk for our investors. Our combined experience in online investments for over 15 years speaks for itself. You can find out more about our team here (http://www.onlineinvestmentfund.com/page_custom.php?page=team)

(HN): Do you consider your program to be special among other similar programs? Why would you recommend it to investors?
(OIF): There are several key points that recommend us as a reliable investments company and investors should compare us with other companies before deciding to invest: - OnlineInvestment Fund is incorporated in Seychelles an offshore jurisdiction that allow us to offer higher returns. - Our incorporation documents are available on the website and can be reviewed by anyone interested. - We allow deposits and withdrawls with Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, SolidTrust Pay, StrictPay and Perect Money. - Most trusted monitors are monitoring us and you can check our ratings every time on ratings page. - OnlineInvestment Fund website is friendly, easy to use and protected against DDOS attacks. - The administration team have a combined experience of over 15 years in online investments field.

(HN): Tell few words about your promotion and advertising. What do you pay attention most?
(OIF): We promote OnlineInvestmentFund.com on various investments related forums like TalkGold, MoneyMakerGroup , CollectiveInvestments Forum, DreamTeamMoney etc and rating monitors. We use different types of online advertising including banner advertising, and newsletter. But besides common advertising we make sure our customers are happy with our services so they will invite their friends or relatives to join. I invite your readers to check our affiliate program. We pay a 5% affiliate commission for ever investor referred. To earn referral commissions is not mandatory to have a deposit so promoters can signup and earn commissions right away.

(HN): What are your business plans for the future? Aren`t you going to change something in your project or add new features?
(OIF): We're are planning to provide support by phone and install a SSL certificate on our site plus other attractive features.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say more words about our project to your readers.

Martin Laroche special for HYIPNews.com
OnlineInvestmentFund additional info and news

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