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Private Diamond Club ( administration has sent the program's regular newsletter informing on the following:

Hi Rocio Santillana

Dear members and followers of the PDC,

It is the 20th of May. As promised in my last news update we made some changes. But first let us talk about the last trading journey. It took place in the CAR as you know and our head of trading and we are fine with the result. The rough gemstones were all sold to one big agent who will sell the final product after the cut to diamond stores worldwide. The first meeting took place Monday and today we finalized the payment. Well, tomorrow is Friday and the Private Diamond Club stuff will have a small celebration after work. And like I hoped we made even more profit tan I hoped for.

You remember Henry. I introduced him to you after the diamond trade last week was over. Henry gave a short audio statement about his work on our Downloads and more page.

If you have problems and can not listen to it, you can also find the audio statement on the:

He promised to give our members and followers more information about his work. He has his own page now to give you a short overview how to analyzes a rough diamond. You can find his site tomorrow in our Trading Information Centre.

The next trading journey will take place again in the Central African Republic after
3-4 weeks. But this is always in the hand of our head of trading.
We have a new employee in our team. Her name is Hilde. She still is in Europe. She will be responsible for our German speaking members, she is also working on a translation for German speaking members. Normally I could have done it, but I have a lot of other work and I am not always in the office. The diamond trades, the final sell, export papers, planning new trades. All this can not be done from my office chair. She is a fulltime employee, but as I said just for German speaking members.

I almost fixed the problems with our phone lines. You remember some countries were not able to reach us. Until this issue is 100% fixed and also after you can also contact us using skype (call and chat). Visit our Contact us page for our Skype details.

The changes for new investors are final. The Private Diamond Club will stop the daily plan for new investors tomorrow, the 22th of May.

But a new plan will be introduced.

For old members who invested in the daily plan already, all will remain the same.

Are you tired of exchange service? You can invest or withdraw via Western Union starting from next week. Even existing investors can withdraw direct via Western Union. More in my next news update.

I thank all Private Diamond Club members and followers and welcome our new employee to the Private Diamond Club team! I am back soon.


Lars von Oldberg

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