Updated: 05/25/2010 17:08
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True Earn ( continues its growth. Their latest regular newsletter has been recently published. The program's admin announces True Earn 50 days online anniversary, insisting on True Earn being practically the most popular online program nowadays. Yet this is definitely not true. Despite the obvious fact that the members who had invested in the beginning are in good profit now, the time has been lost. Regardless seeming perspectives you shouldn't trust all the promises.

Back to the programs newsletter, the admin has decided to stop using Global Digital Pay as a deposit/withdrawal option, as it is not very popular among True Earn investors. Other payment processors still available with True Earn are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, AlertPay, StrictPay and SolidTrustPay.

The second news is regarding the creation of multiple accounts. The programs administration reminds that you are allowed to have only one account per IP address. In case your relatives want to join True Earn, all would have separate accounts per IP address, but the only thing is, none of you should refer each other, that is, none of you should have an upline/referrer. And of course you are not allowed to create multiple accounts in order to get referrals.

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