Updated: 05/25/2010 19:09
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This controversial program, reviewed here: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16892/SHORTREVIEWOFYINGYANGINVESTMENT/, keeps surprising. They have not...

This controversial program, reviewed here: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/16892/SHORT-REVIEW-OF-YINGYANGINVESTMENT/, keeps surprising. They have not only achieved certain success in the program's development. They are currently offering bonuses to their clients. Any investor now gets additional 5% to the deposit. Furthermore YYI is currently having some problems with accessibility of the site. Granting this, such bonuses looks pretty doubtful. Personally I tend to doubt rather than joy. The thing is bonuses are popular means of attracting new investors before collapse. I would recommend to wait until administration solves all the problems.

LATER. Ying-Yang-Investment.com is reported to be not paying. There is information confirming the program making selective payments. Be careful. It’s scam.

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