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Hyip Monitor (HN): On behalf of all our readers we are happy to welcome you on Im sure they are pleased to meet you as your program has already made a noise in the world of HYIP. Everybody must have heard of Staunch Finances. Im sure your program has a good number of investors by now. Still most dont know exactly who they deal with. Would you please introduce yourself and tell a few words about your team?
StaunchFinances (SF): Greetings to all readers! If you do not know me yet, I am Brent Shackling, admin of Staunch Finances, also known as 'bshack' in different forums. I've been in this industry for more almost two years now. Some will say that I'm still a newbie and there's a lot more to learn, but trust me, I've learned everything that I need to learn about the ins and outs of this industry. I wouldn't be an administrator if I think I can't handle a successful program! Anyway, I'm being helped by three more people in this project (one in LiveHelp, one in support emails and the other one is our programmer who make sure everything works perfect with the program which includes frequent backing-up of databases).

(HN): Despite the fact that many readers of are already familiar with your project, Im sure it would be better to introduce Staunch Finances once more. So what is so special about your project, what makes it better and what do you offer to your investors?
(SF): Well, we launched April 21st of this year so that gives us about a month and a week online as of this writing. We made a few tweaks along the way that benefited the members and be more competitive, some of them included adding a LiveHelp support for instant resolution to issues, then there's moving rebate payments from BUSINESS DAYS to CALENDAR DAYS. The latter was indeed very much appreciated by the members and increased member support by more than 50%. Then I offered different contests also to show my members that they are going to be rewarded for their support and that I very much appreciate it.

(HN): What about protection of your site? How do you secure your finances?
(SF): Our site security is of the utmost importance to me! First of,I took the services of the genius programmer Gotenks and got his highly-secure and user-friendly script to run our program. Secondly, I chose HighHosting to provide us with a dedicated server and a DDOS protection on 2 levels. They use LiteSpeed web servers which alone can provide protection against most DDOS attacks. As you can see, our program has ran smoothly since we launched and not a single downtime. Thirdly, I got the services of GoDaddy tosecure our site with an SSL certificate adding another level of protection to our member's accounts when doing transactions within their backoffice. With those three protections, our members should sleep well at night knowing that their accounts are safe and that we'll be here when they wake up the next day.

(HN): How can a person make a deposit with your program? What do you require for registration? What currencies do you accept?
(SF): Like I said, we have a very user-friendly script. Everything should be easy to navigate that even someone new to this industry shouldn't have any problems to understand. As long as they have funds on one of the following e-currencies (SolidTrust Pay, Liberty Reserve, StrictPay and PerfectMoney), then they should be ready to make some money with us.

(HN): What are the limits for minimum and maximum deposits? I mean the smallest and the biggest amounts you accept?
(SF): Minimum is $10 and the maximum is $15,000. Some high-rollers wish it was more so we added a rule that if you max out your account, you can request to open up a second account but you cannot have an upline.

(HN): Tell us please how did you come up with this amazing unique plan and what are its distinctive features? How does it work and what makes it interesting to potential clients?
(SF): I've actually came up with this plan a long time ago before Staunch Finances even launched. I just suggested it to my partners and they liked it. One thing great about this plan is we get to hold half of your money longer which gives us time to generate income from our other investment opportunities. AND at the same time, half of your investment already generates earnings and within 6 days, you already get back 60% of your investment which lowers your losses should anything unfortunate happens with our other opps. I am not one who will risk ALL of the member's money to an investment where there's also a high risk of losing. But I got to admit that there are times that we win and there are times that we lose, the good thing about it is that it won't (and can't) bring the program down.

(HN): Promotion is an integral part of a programs success on HYIP-market. This is a popular question nowadays so please tell our readers how are you going to climb to success in this field?
(SF): When me and my partners were discussing this program, our promotion was targeted at only big name forums and blogs/reviewers. Monitors were out of the question. That's the reason why you do not see any monitor buttons anywhere on our site. But don't get me wrong, a lot of monitors are monitoring us, but they joined at their own discretion, put money in, promoted us and made commissions all from their own efforts. Another thing for me is to make the members happy and the only way I can think of to do that is fast payments and frequent communication. So far, I've got more than a thousand members and 70+% of them are happily making money with me.

(HN): And finally we would like you to say a few extra words to our readers. You may give them some advices or recommendations; tell them why they should join Staunch Finances family.
(SF): Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say my piece. Haven't had any interviews nor reviews the past weeks so it's very much welcomed. All I can say to your readers is Staunch Finances is still at it's baby stages, it's still a long ways to go with us. Running this program for less than a year would be a failure in my books. I am going to be here for the long haul! I know there's still a lot of high-ROI games that comes out on a regular basis, my advice is play them smartly and early, when you come out a winner, leave it that way. Don't be greedy because that usually ends up badly. Diversify your portfolio, make sure you are members of low-risk, tried and tested programs, whether Staunch or the others that you know are strong. That's all I have to say about it and I hope your readers heed my advice.

(HN): All readers of are surely interested in your plans for future. How are you going to take leading positions in HYIP list? What, when and how are you going to change or improve in your project?
(SF): I would like to quote myself in another interview I made which I think sums up my plans for this program:
"Nobody knows what the future holds for the program. But Ive always looked ahead at the bigger picture rather than the present situation. If it were up to me, Id make this the BEST and the NUMBER 1 HYIP out there RIGHT NOW! It's a tall order I know, but the plans that Ive laid out in the beginning are to do just that!

My dedication to this program will take us a long, long way! I want to show to everybody that my heart is with this program and with them. Members joining me right now have the potential to be making serious money now and in the future."

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