Updated: 05/31/2010 17:35
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RogerVille ( is now officially closed. In the program’s last newsletter admin explains the reasons for closing as the lack of new...

RogerVille ( is now officially closed. In the program’s last newsletter admin explains the reasons for closing as the lack of new deposits. It actually looks like truth as Alexa ratings of the program were very poor. Anyway the program lasted for 32 days and must have brought profit to many investors. Details can be read below:

“It is with mixed emotions that I inform everyone today that RogerVille has to close today. I watched as the deposits declined the past week. Now it has reached its last day online, with only less than $100 deposited today and about the same yesterday and some hundreds the past weeks. The support that RogerVille has received has declined by a huge margin. This is because of the thinking of many that at this stage a program is not worth depositing more into anymore because it has reached 30 days? Well I hope this attitude of depositors stop soon because this is what killed RogerVille. It may be applicable to some sites but supposed to not be on RogerVille.

Please be advised that the deposits today are to be refunded fully. And that is all that we can do as you know this is how I handle sites I have when I close them. No refunds are issued because everyone knows what they are getting into and not an investment site. Everything up front and all cards laid in front of you.

You know how serious I am when I manage my sites and yet some still do not play it with me. We had a good site going but the terrible attitude of too old, too late thing killed it. Next time please, when I am the admin, be assured that I will only manage the program properly and so you can continuously support it so we can make a long lasting program.
We just need to eliminate that attitude that kills programs.
I will be online in 8 hours. Depositing has been disabled already. Please spread the news.
Regards, Roger”.

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