Updated: 06/02/2010 19:54
Hyip Monitor

I hope you have noticed that there is a cool module on the left of our site at HYIPNews.com. It shows all programs which don`t pay out and which you should not invest in. Those who are new to HYIP (and even experienced investors) very often fall for a very simple bait, when program`s site operates, everything looks good, but there is no monitoring. Or there is a monitoring on the first page which only for $10 shows that the program pays out. It is difficult not to make a mistake but it is possible. All you have to do is visit our site and either ask us or look at DON'T INVEST HERE block. Quite possible that the program you decided to invest in is there.

Here is the example. One of our readers wrote to us:

Please sir i want to know what happened to http://hytfund.com

But HYITFUND had already been placed in a list of those programs you should not invest in. You might have also noticed that even though the HYITFUND site is available, they don`t have any monitoring and you would have to spend some time to figure that HYITFUND is scam and it is time for them to be shut down.

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