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Lately, we have expanded how to manage potential of outer hyip features. Well-estimated hyip potential is almost the key to success. Knowing though approximately date of hyip's closure is all you need for making money, it is your main aim while working with hyips. In this article I'll tell you about “inner' characteristics. They are...

Design. A project with its own unique design is a nice sign, that means an owner cares about his project and puts money in it.

Hyip's console or “engine”. They can be handmade or purchased at (others are not basically used). Handmade design may tell that owner puts money into project development. Also licensed's engines are quoted, however hyips owners often trying to skimp and use a pirate once. That is not an advantage of course.

Line of business
– that tells a lot. Reliability of investments, for example hyip is trading on forex with exact drawdown rate. That means outflow of company won't go down lower than determinated level. Often it's 50-70%. Advantage is an information about the holder of project, dealing traders, preferably with biography, company's history, photos etc.

To sum up our analysis we may determine the formula of interest-bearing project, which have to exist for at least several life-laps (a lap is usually 1 minimum term of investment).

We can conclude main features of well-built hyip project, they are unique design, its own or licensed engine, information about line of business, true positive responses of project on different forums and monitoring systems, SSL , DDos, support team, survival time of at least 1 investment lap.

But still all that features can not guarantee long lifetime of hyip. There were examples when administration just collected money and swept.

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