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Everyone who wants match up with making money on-line should follow some basic rules. Those rules are of so importance that it's even better to learn them by heart...

  • Do not put shirt upon hyips, invest the sum that you may comfortably afford yourself.
  • Diversify your investments between 5 different hyips.
  • Do not start-up hyips with interest rates over 60% in a month.
  • Lock your revenue more often.
  • Keep your passwords in safe place.

The first rule is quite clear. Do not invest money you have lent or family finances, it may cause you slide deeper into the debt pit. You must always mind likelihood of loss your commitment.

Always diversify investment, even if you are in with petty cash. For example, if we find 10 programs with roi of 1% per day, we make the investment of $1000 in each, we will obtain the revenue of $100 daily. If we lock in profits each 5 days run, in 10 days we will get $1000 already.

Even if one of hyips cease, it won't cause any loss to us. Sure thing such investments are very tricky and losses are unavoidable, but you will reimburse them if to deem correct tactics. Old saying: “Don't put all your eggs in one basket” is as actual as never in that case.

So that on-Line payment processors are in a cohesive way with high yield income programs we should be more thorough and must abide several important rules:

Your PC must be viruses&spies free! Note all your passwords into separate text document without amplifying on details & recopy this document on any portable hard drive. Copy-paste log-in/password into correct blanks from this document or use virtual keyboard. Do not use the same pass for several hyips, change your passes more frequently. Do not open or install unknown programs or mails. Just follow that simple advices and you'll be enough secured.

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