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Hyip Monitor (HN): Let's start by introducing yourself, who are you and who else is involved in your great site?
ForexNetClub (FNC): Hello! My name is Michael Brown and I am head of customer support. I have a big experience in the public relations field so this is why i was elected for this job. Besides me, there are my colleagues who represent phone support for other languages and also Mr.Vugt, our Online Manager.

HN:Can you tell me also about your Company setup, what company do you have? Would you allow us to have a look into the company papers?
FNC: ForexNetClub Ltd. is a regulated Marshall Islands financial institution since 2007 under file 27407, currently providing tax-free offshore investments, with a shareholder capital of USD 5 000 000. The operations behind ForexNetClub Ltd. are managed by strict regulations and our corporate philosophy is based on the highest of standards with regard to our business practices. These regulations require that financial trading firms maintain enough liquid reserve capital to cover their deposits and operate under a fair and equitable principle of trade. You can view ForexNetClub Ltd. company documents or samples of our forex trading records in "Due Diligence" section of your FNC account.

HN:Explain a little how you make money for your clients, and tell me a little about how you can archive such high return in such a short time?
FNC: We operate on Foreign Exchange, as it is by far the easiest way towards generate quick profits. When i look into the ForEx market and see how quickly you can earn money there, I realize that this is all about knowing - a combined knowledge of mathematics and economics makes it all to work! Why only big players like banks and Wall Street gurus should have only winning situations in ForEx? Our trading team shows you that it is possible to earn such big money! We have some of the best traders in the world gathered around a dedicated team towards common purposes - prosperity, success and sharing of wealth with customers.

HN:Why should we invest in your program and what makes your different from other ones?
FNC: I have been asked this questions so many times before... You know, each one of us has the freedom to make choices, and these choices are influenced, most of the time of the benefit that they will get after making a choice. investment opportunity is a choice that they could done 2 months ago and doubled their money! And if they didn't, then they are not in benefit. The good thing is that we are here for such a long term that our users have the chance to change their minds at anytime! Time will tell what are the real businesses and what are the outlaws!

HN:What are the payment processors you use?
FNC: At this moment we use Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve and bank wires for the most "in need" persons who can't trust an e-currency. We will diversify our online payment processors range if we will feel that our users are not satisfied by the actual ones. But, at this point we are very glad and the business has a continuous grow.

HN:Can you explain how to go about joining your program?
FNC: We thought about this also and we even made a special help for our users who are not acquainted with online investment programs or e-currencies. So, they can find a mini-training here - We called it Education Center!

HN:A question I always like to ask is, what is the most difficult part on your business, what did you not expect or would do different when you would start, with the knowledge you gain since you launched FNC?
FNC: First of all, we would have started earlier! Yes, this is one little mistake we've made. If we would have started like 5 years ago, know we were the "ruling company" of online investments, without any doubts! The hardest part in our business is the relations with customers. They always want a quick answer, quick withdrawals to their accounts and so on...So, speed is the word for customers. You can imagine that it is not that easy for us, a bunch of people, to deal with thousands. Customer's satisfaction is not a hard thing to get if you are dedicated towards your business, it's just tricky!

HN:How secure is your program? Is the website protected from malicious-hacking attempts and/or DDos attacks?
FNC: We use the latest and the strongest SSL encryption technology to ensure that your account is access in the mose secure environment. We have the highest level DDos attack Protection, keeping your account safe and secure from such attacks. Also, we made a special page for our users in order to educate them how to protect their PCs and how to avoid the fund loss, because most often there is a fund loss from the user's side than from our side. Please get well educated here -

HN:What kind of customer support do you offer? What is the best and most efficient way to contact you if I have any questions? I see you have Live Chat and telephone support. What are the best times (GMT) to find a support operator there?
FNC: One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that ForexNetClub Ltd. provides various types of support services for our customers convenience and help them to get in touch with company. We have English & Spanish Support at +1.347.632.1735 and for Europe: +44.20.3286.0156. Also, you can send emails to General Inquiries: [email protected]; Payment issues: [email protected]; Partnership inquiries: [email protected]; Testimonials: [email protected]. The most convenient and fastest way to contact us is by using our live chat support operators.

HN:How do you see the future of your program?
FNC: Shining! With even more members and with even more happier faces! Our primary goals is to bring a change in people's life! If we have this incredible opportunity of making such big amounts of money, why not share it with the others? We really want our members to enjoy life at its full, at least from the material point of view.. Very soon, new changes will be done to so that it suits better the interests of our clients! Trust and friendship - these are the words that link our investors to our team! ForexNetClub deserves to be on everybody's Movers and Shakers list! I'd like to be asked if i am happy with FNC, because I am! This company is giving shape to my dreams and helps me build my life as I never did before. Stick with us and you will never lose! FNC rocks your life!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.

Michael Brown special for
Forex Net Club official website


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