Updated: 06/09/2010 13:14
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Despite the whole bag of attacks from administration, which may well prejudice even the most spotless reputation

Despite the whole bag of attacks from administration, which may well prejudice even the most spotless reputation, CherryShares ( continues its hard work. And it's the best they can do, since investor confidence and loyalty can be earned only with honest work and respectful attitude to the clients. With being such a heavy and popular monitoring its unsubstantial attacks alone are far not enough to destroy the reputation of the program which has been properly performing obligations to numerous investors for many months.

In its latest newsletter CherryShares informs on applying of a new unique option – corporate access. This feature is a complete innovation on HYIP market since CherryShares is the first program putting in a corporate access to the accounts. Below are some explanations as to this unique feature, its advantages (note that the program's admin stresses the absence of disadvantages) and tips how you can enable it:

“Dear Members and Investors,
We want to explain some things that are linked to our unique feature that we have – corporate access. Some of our users have submitted lots of questions asking for its use in their investments. The reason why we created this feature is simple – we know there are team of investors and each of them have equal rights to access the account and to see the statistics of it and balance. Using a password for corporate access (this password is different from your main password), your group can see the current balance of your account and account history. Your group can not perform any other operations. They can only watch. This is to protect your account from other risky things your team members can make, as you are never sure about what influence money can have on people.

For some it may seem a total waste of time, but we know that your group of investor will highly appreciate the fact that you allow them to see details of the investment; by doing this you will bring your team members closer to you and will raise the trust in the group. Don't even try to think about disadvantages, as there are none!
How to enable it? Go to settings, check the box in front of Enable Corporate Access, enter a password for corporate then click Update. Tell the corporate password to your group and the sit back and enjoy the team work! If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
Best regards, Dominik Budlovsky. Supporting Team”.

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